Photographic Watercolours by Klaus Bohn

Here are some examples of photographic watercolours Klaus has produced recently:

Photographic Watercolour by Klaus Bohn

Photographic Watercolour by Klaus Bohn

Photographic Watercolour by Klaus Bohn
Photographed by Paul Rabinovitch
Photographic Watercolour inset by Klaus Bohn

As I once wrote in an article that appeared in the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) Magazine, 'From the beginning of photography everyone has been impressed with their image on a wall. Unlike photography, everyone has not changed in this respect.'

When photographing a wedding, the couple is encouraged to see beyond the standard album and 8 by 10 inch framed prints. By offering photographic watercolours these images then become works of art proudly displayed in the couple's home. The images used for these photographic watercolours are not the standard formal shot often taken at weddings. Instead, an intimate portrait of the couple is envisioned by understanding the client's desires and needs.

In the image above, this loving couple wanted to capture the special intimacy they experienced on their first date in which they strolled through Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, British Columbia. This was of particular importance to the bride as she had tossed a coin into the water and made a wish, 'To someday marry this man.' Having stayed in touch with this couple since their marriage, they often tell me how they cherish this special remembrance of that day. This couple proudly displays this keepsake in their home.

Should you wish to consider creating photographic artwork, you would be wise to follow the advice of D. H. Moore in which he said, '...the frame must always be visually subordinated to the photographic image!' Always remember that you are only limited by your creativity and imagination when exploring the world of photography.