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The Art Within Portrait Photography
A master photographer's revealing
and enlightening look at portaiture

by Klaus Bohn, MPA, F/SPPA, A
Foreword by Ken Whitmire

Published by CCB Publishing

Table of Contents

Foreword by Ken Whitmire


A Vision of Beauty
Portrait of a Selfless Act
The Graduate
Finding her Softer Side

The Beauty of Children
My Little Angel
Patchy Blues
A Tender Embrace
A Treasured Moment
A Beloved Grandson
What Little Girls Are Made Of
Cradled in Love
The Bird Cage

Loving Couples
High School Reunion
A Reflection of Thought
A Lifetime of Memories
Simply the Best
The Art of Love

People and Pets
Man�s Best Friend
A Feline�s Perspective
Wings in Flight
My Dog and I

Music and Dance
Piano Recital
The Ballet Dancer
The Music Lesson

Atypical Executive Portraits
The Prophet
The Inner Man
Beauty in Nature
A Chiefly Honour

Our Cherished Families
Four Generations
A Close Family
Everything�s Bigger in Texas
A Family in Harmony
Faces Never Lie
Respect for Family Traditions
Unconditional Love
A Family in Unison
The Hoag Family

An Extraordinary Portrait
Her Majesty the Queen

Self Portrait
Myself, My Family

Closing Remarks

About the Author


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The Art Within Portraitn Photography
A master photographer's revealing
and enlightening look at portraiture

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