Artwork by Klaus Bohn

Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Poster
Patchy Blues

by Klaus Bohn, MPA, F/SPPA, A

Patchy Blues Poster

When I saw my daughter, Tammy, drawing her Cabbage Patch Kids doll named Heather it inspired me to set up a staged photograph that I eventually turned into a very popular poster. One of these posters is even in Magic Crystal Valley, the largest Cabbage Patch Kids Museum in the world, with over 6,000 dolls on display.

This was a tense moment for Tammy because she was proud that I wanted her to model for me again and to make it believable, she concentrated on what I told her to do. Look at the doll and envision how you will draw her; this will be a famous picture of you, your doll and the art work you have just begun, I told her. I love the feeling and purpose, its intensity.

Looking at the image, let's explore what it is trying to communicate. Tammy is looking at the doll as if it was alive. Her doll's hands out stretched as if she is welcoming the world into her life through this image. Tammy holding the chalk in her left hand suggests the colour of the doll's clothing and in her right hand a darker coloured chalk outlines the doll's profile. The tonal value is indicated throughout the image, with Tammy's clothing in a different hue but still in the blue family.

This poster measures 17 x 22 inches and is perfect for framing.

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Patchy Blues Poster
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