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Legacy and Illusions In Photography
A master photographer's revealing
and enlightening look at portraiture

by Klaus Bohn, MPA, F/SPPA, A
Foreword by Shawn Dreger

Published by CCB Publishing

Legacy and Illusions In Photography


Illusion-metaphorically, is like our imagination- penetrating our consciousness (thought)! Abstracting the unreal from the real, the unconscious from the conscious, the dream from the awake: in our parallel existence. Because so many times we are awake in a dream like state mechanically reacting to what ever we are engaged in, driving a car and passing our own home without realizing-two worlds in one, can we exists in two places? Is it an illusion? How can we tell? All this is with in our imagination, in the part of our brain that has given us permission to see what is not really there or may I say not really in the concrete world that we have taken for granted to exist as a hard fact!

May we allow our intuition to play its part as we examine this book, without thought or at least without for thought; Imbibe, the imaginary, the part of us that is connected to the universal mind-the place where all knowledge exits, past, present and future. I know this is mind bending; out of sorts, stretching us to the limit and beyond.

May this shed some light on my thought: Leonardo De Vinci who, over 600 year before any flying device was invented, had sketch what looks like a helicopter! No mere mortal man can posses that knowledge so far into the future, without using their imagination to reach the place of knowledge. He was a vegetarian, a man that lived in the Alpha state- contradiction in belief- what has not eating meat or breaking from the Bata state enable any one from passing into the world(s) of wave lengths that we are only now barely aware of. How then can any one reach or should I say everyone reach the place of knowledge and more important intuition, imagination that is as real as our world of senses.

My thoughts are mine as I am willing to share, may we the reader refrain from judging or at least-glean the little that we are able to. Training our minds/thoughts to reach to an Alfa state in a heart beat, in a twinkling of an eye, more duration through the day, in creative state, a state of birth, continually adding to life for the inner and outer universe- that place of existence.

The tools are archaic because they are only tools, All that we are is within us, all that we can become is with in us, just like our mortal bodies function within a pattern, feed to live to heal, replenish (immortality).

Our awareness suffers because we try to live in this real world, the world of imagination suffers because we are out of sync, we suffer because what is, is not so.

Jack Curtis, author, "Wedding Portraits and Photography World"

"Klaus has been quite successful... and both he and his Photography must be given better than average marks. What follows are epitomized abstractions of some of Klaus' comments on how he operates, and I feel they could be of practical value to you."
D.H. Moore, author, "The Practice of Modern Photography"

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Legacy and Illusions In Photography
A master photographer's revealing
and enlightening look at portraiture

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