Art Photos

Art is determined by the artist not the viewer, the image may or may not draw the viewer�s attention to see it as either positive or negative. Van gough�s work in his day was unacceptable because the viewer was unable to appreciate his vision (drug induced vision do to his medication?); this is nevertheless impacting, even for us today in a challenging way. Price verses cost is determined by the fickle buyer. Price is what we pay for an image; cost is what the artist pays to create the image.

Klaus has been published in a number of books and magazines.

Quote: From Wedding-Portrait Photography World by Jack Curtis

"Like Klaus, I feel excitement in the search. I�ve been sitting here for some time holding in my hand his bridal portrait of the ballerina who is the bride, delicately balanced, poised on a ballerina shoe, stretching to reach her new husband�s eager lips. The freedom of the space within the picture, the sylvan setting the soft tones hint of the touch of the masters. It does stretch one�s imagination. There is something down-to-earth here � yet so refined. Klaus did not simply pose and snap. Three people came together, joined in the execution of a tiny semblance of a masterpiece."